Special and Unit Still Photographer

Joe Alblas

Having worked as a photographer for more than 30 years, Joe's communication skill set allows him to work closely with the director and producers to achieve imagery tailored to suit their marketing and promotional platforms. He is able to tackle challenges regardless of limitations, offering creative solutions in as fast a turnaround as possible - he is decisive, innovative and achieves high production value in all the work he does, regardless of the budget.

M: +27 83 338 7800 / E:

Special and Unit Still Photographer

Casey Crafford

Casey is an experienced on-set photographer whose natural ability is to capture the essential moods of his subjects.  His current portfolio reflects his brilliant still imagery including projects such as ‘Origins’ and ‘Roots’ for National Geographic and the History Channel respectively.  Images from these projects have been used extensively throughout the world at television markets to publicize these critically acclaimed series.  Casey is totally reliable, energetic and conscientious and a great team player to have on any film set.

M: +27 74 306 5120 / E:

Trevor Adeline
Unit Still Photographer

Trevor Adeline

Trevor is an enthusiastic, determined photographer with an eye for detail reflecting a unique style in his images.  His ability to hold his own when to it comes to capturing quality unit stills for all types of projects makes him an invaluable asset.  Experienced in working with the latest ProFoto flash equipment also means he is a superb assistant for specials, both for environmental stills or studio work.

M: +27 72 915 0624 / E:

Unit Still Photographer & Assistant Photographer

Anika Molnar

Anika recently joined the team as a unit stills photographer and has already proven herself having completed several productions, ranging from German television drama films to projects with a more contemporary style such as ‘Hear No Evil’ for Discovery Channel.  Possessing a remarkable style of her own, having worked in fashion and shooting cover images for fiction book designs, her strength in conceptualizing and planning special still shoots makes her a valuable addition to the team.

M: +27 84 288 3830 / E:

Raquel Fernandes
Digital Stills Editor, Colourist & Photo Retoucher

Raquel Fernandes

Raquel is our in-house digital stills editor, colourist, photo editor and social media administrator working to support the team.  Having had excellent tuition in photography with all the necessary Adobe products she also has a great passion for the motion picture medium.  She is hard working and loyal, ensuring that all of our deliverables are always processed and uploaded or shipped timeously to our clients and the television networks abroad.

M: +27 79 500 4134 / E: